Q: What does Affordable Housing mean?
A: The affordable housing apartments offered by SaMo Apartments are priced below the market rate for this area and are for people who meet specific income requirements. Rent amounts and income limits are established annually by the City of Santa Monica Housing Division.


Q: What are the current rent and income limits for the Moderate Income apartments that you offer?
A: Most of our apartments are restricted to Moderate Income tenants, and the following rent and income limits apply:


Rent:                                                                                                         Maximum Income:

Studio: $1,577                                                                                        1 person:  $63,100 per year

1 Bedroom: $1,802                                                                               2 persons: $72,100 per year

2 Bedroom: $2,140                                                                               3 persons: $81,100 per year

3 Bedroom: $2,444                                                                               4 persons: $90,100 per year

                                                                                                               5 persons: $97,400 per year

(rent and income limits provided are for general information purposes only and are subject to change)


Q: Will I/We receive government subsidy for rent?
A: No, you will not.


Q: Do you accept Section 8 Vouchers?
A: Yes, we do.


Q: I there any way I can receive priority placement on the Interest list?
A: When placing your application on the Interest List, we follow the priority placement rules defined in the City of Santa Monica Housing Division AHPP Guidelines:

  • First priority - Santa Monica Displaced Residents (some restrictions apply)

  • Second priority - Residents of Santa Monica or persons working in Santa Monica at least 36 hours per week


Q: Can I have a Co-signer?
A: Per our Tenant Selection Criteria, no Co-signers are allowed for the purpose of improving the Applicant’s credit report score. SaMo Apartments complies with all federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding fair housing for all applicants and residents.


Q: Are full-time students eligible for the affordable housing apartment?
A: Households where all adults are full-time students do not qualify for the affordable housing apartments, unless

       1.  All members of the household meet all of the following criteria:

  • Twenty-four years of age or older,
  • Have lived separate from their parents for at least one year,

  • Are not claimed as a dependent pursuant to IRS regulations on any tax return for the most recent tax year, and

  • The head of household provides written certification of all outside financial assistance‚Äč.

       2.  And at least one member of the household meets one of the following criteria:

  • A veteran or active duty member of the U.S. military,

  • Have one or more legal dependents other than a spouse,

  • Live with a recognized disability,

  • Be a graduate or professional student,

  • Be married, or have been an orphan or ward of the court through age 18.


Q: What is your pet policy?
A: Cats are acceptable with additional deposit; max 2 cats per unit; no pet rent. No dogs. 

Assistive animals for persons with disabilities are not considered to be pets, but do require advance written approval of management.


Q: Do you accept emotional support animals?
A: We accept ESA animals with verification of disability and the need for the accommodation. 

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